Extremities Or… – Sherri Turner

What a Broken Bone Does After M (eventually, if you’re lucky and don’t get the shit doctor I got who had to break it again because he didn’t set it right the first time) or

What Comes After Beginnings and Middles or

What Life Does When you Die or

What Divers Get After B or

What the Complaining Never Does When You Tell Your Wife You’ve Put the Bins Out But You Only Put the Normal Bin Out, Not the Recycling One and It Was Full and Where’s She Going To Put Next Week’s Newspapers Now? Or

The Weakest Point of Most Fiction


– Ends –


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SHERRI TURNER is a writer of short fiction and poetry and has won prizes in competitions including the Bridport Prize, the Bristol Prize, the Wells Literary Festival and the Stratford Literary Festival. Her stories have also appeared in a number of anthologies. She tweets at @STurner4077.


Image: Ruben Rubio


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