Writing Poems Called: Lamplight, Keys, I Can See, Message From You, Honesty – Jamie Stedmond

There, in the lamplight,

Old lamp,
lambent, stand bent,
you have clumsily
spilled light onto
my desk, illumining
many long nights

on a foreign desk,
next to my keys,

She opens doors
she is a powerful person who
knows people who know people
she opens doors and yet her face
is like a keyhole void and inscrutable
and I can not imagine what shape
is the key that would open her up

lies my phone,
which I can see

I Can See
like hairs, the threaded mountain paths:
wisps on vast and varied tracts of land,
high lakes where wrens and pitpits take their baths
in shade of whitebark pine in clustered stands.
There nestled on a languid bend of bank,
I spy beside the riverbeds, a town,
with people trading goods, and thought, with thanks,
toward towers and meeting minds, I head on down.
To think what delectations lie below,
my wond’ring buoyant heart does beat so fast,
to know how wise my wand’ring lets me grow,
through novel sights and sounds in each place passed.
Oh how wise, wond’rous, far-flung, do I roam,
yet only lately, lonely, think of home

from my spot
on the bed, with
a message from you

Message from you
A square blue pane of light; message from you,
I’m trying a triolet, so you don’t start with me.
I let the light fade, evaporate like morning dew.
A square blue pane of light; message from you,
again, washing the wall, I am all taut sinew,
but I won’t move, I can stand feeling guilty,
A square blue pane of light; message from you,
I’m trying a triolet, so you don’t start with me.

Which I know is
full of honesty

Honesty softly
falls like rain, uncaring and
gentle, on us all

that means an argument,
which I was never good at –
but still, I would reply,
if I weren’t so very busy just right now
writing a poem called Lamplight


I Can See

Message from you



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Jamie Stedmond is a young Irish writer, currently based in Dublin. Jamie is pursuing an MA in Creative Writing at University College Dublin. Previously publications credits include The Bohemyth, Cagibi, ZeroFlash (forthcoming), and Paragraph Planet.


Image: Nonki Azariah on Unsplash

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