7p.m. Whirlpool – B F Jones

The boat is in great trouble. Its lopsided position isn’t the most ideal for survival and the fact that the captain lies face down in the water doesn’t bode well for the future.

Beautiful Sandra is also drowning; the power of the waves having propelled her off, and the water is now slowly swallowing her, the tips of her fingers and the mess of her blond hair still just caressing the surface.

The large shark, strangely blue, has spotted her long legs and is slowly edging towards her, its mouth gaping in anticipation.

Still aboard, Dora, Jasper and Mrs Fairhell clutching her ginger cat, are being swung around while the boat heads towards the large iceberg ahead. Dora stares wordlessly at the white mount, her arms outstretched in front of her in a futile attempt at pushing back the ice. Next to her, Jasper, equally silent, has raised his golden sword. Mrs Fairhell, with complete disregard for the situation, is lying down next to faithful Whiskers.

But the collision isn’t the pain of broken bones they expected, for the boat miraculously travels through the iceberg, coming out on the other side somewhat foamy.

It however transpires that Whiskers is no longer aboard and, while Jasper consoles Mrs Fairhell, Dora takes charge of the vessel.

Mustering the little strength she has left, she unfolds her rigid legs and stands up, placing her arms, still outstretched, on each side of the wheel. The boat gently steers and backs away from the ice, passing the captain’s listing body and the last tuft of Sandra’s hair. The strangely blue shark is nowhere to be seen and Dora wonders how much of Sandra’s body has remained.


No matter how much stirring Dora does, it seems the boat is dragged towards a large whirlpool.


They brutally bob up and down, causing Jasper to lose his sword and flinging Mrs Fairhell to rejoin her cat. Soon they will all be swallowed by the slurping mouth and…

“Ellie, for the last time, get out of the bath!”

Image via Pixabay

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