A Distortion – A R Salandy

There are problems beyond
The summation of equations
That exist only in the minds-

Of the few who yearn to solve
The questions of a universe
So questionably mathematical

That even their own minds
Fail to fathom the sheer depth
Of the numerators and denominators too

Which give way to all manner of theory
In a world where to be creative
Is frowned upon only till vain fame-

Seems to eclipse all judgement
And all rouge infringement dissipates
To an acceptance of intellectual creativity-

Quite unlike anything found
In the empiricism of formulae
Which bewilder all those that lack-

The natural ability to calculate
And hypothesize over an ideology
So positivist in nature-

That one might ask if notions of society
Were simply distortions
Of our futile attempts to justify-

A life of functional differentiation
So utterly contrived that perhaps
Even the creativity that is so ardently suppressed-

May be just a disfigurement
Of a natural ability
So positivist in nature-

That its judgement is but a sardonic irony.

A R Salandy is a mixed-race poet & writer who likes to focus on the contrast between nature and humanity but also the many similarities that bring the two together. Anthony travels frequently and has spent most of his life in Kuwait jostling between the UK & America. Anthony’s work has been published 45 times. Anthony has 1 chapbook entitled ‘The Great Northern Journey’.

Image via Pixabay

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