Thine Own Tongue – Oakley Ayden

have you ever tasted thine own

i’ve bitten mine so many times
i’m practically as magic as mary

sarah winifred but rather than
possessing the ability to sew my

lover’s lips with a hindering spell-
crafted stitch, the bastard sealed

mine shut up tight with his hexing


hocus pocus

gaslight gaslight


and while outside my home i’m known
for letting this same tongue of mine

roam about unleashed with defenses
for the meek and am oftenly referred

to as a toil and trouble type of bitch,
never letting evil banter slither past

unchecked — within the walls of mine
own home i so often stand so soundly

silenced, subsisting through his slashings —
my tongue bitten to batch of bits which roll

around inside my mouth until it’s safe to spit
without the risk of conjuring up his peak

malicious wrath.

i often choose to choke.
‘tis less tormenting.

Oakley Ayden (she/her) is an autistic, queer writer and social justice activist with North Carolina roots. She currently lives and works in California’s San Bernardino National Forest with her two daughters.

Image via Pixabay

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