Epilogue – Issue Twelve

If They have It under surveillance With Their microphones in all there is They must know This wooden object d’art Has been teleporting Itself Or has had Itself teleported Across the Earth One solar year. One interested may ask Do milestones matter To cosmic multi-drawered beasts? Will It now Twelve months completed Vanish like before it arrived Like the bird flying in through one open … Continue reading Epilogue – Issue Twelve

Stars – Louise Wilford

Whatever happened to those knowing leading ladies, who glared through the lens like a challenge to a duel? They knew they were extraordinary – the Veronicas, Rosalinds, Ritas. Call it chutzpah. Charisma. Pure blessed arrogance. Love me , their mascara-ed eyes seemed to say, or loathe me: you’ll always remember. I’m lodged in your memory like a glamorous ear-worm. conveying each nuance of passion with … Continue reading Stars – Louise Wilford

Musings of Sewer Folk – M.S.

Lost and Found I don’t remember time before the tunnel. We pocketed shards of light and scurried for food. We learned the language of gloom and made silence our second nature. You were the crazy one. “I’m saving myself for him,” you gushed reverently. I’d catch you among flickers, panting, your delicate arms dancing. I was afraid of you so I stayed away from corners … Continue reading Musings of Sewer Folk – M.S.

My Dyspraxia – Ceinwen E Cariad Haydon

Bruised from bumps, thumps delivered by inanimate objects to thighs above my two left feet, unable to keep the beat in life’s daily dance. Senseless rhythms, tune wreckers, heat up my blood, blush my self-conscious cheeks as I collide, uncorrected on my maverick trajectory. Even my fingers stumble, imprecise in movement, unsure of what’s expected to complete a simple task. Space separates self and other, … Continue reading My Dyspraxia – Ceinwen E Cariad Haydon