Arthritis – Ellie Rees

My hand and pen have fallen out. The flow of thought from brain to paper ++no longer travels with hand’s consent. I’ve lost my grip: something has nobbled my fingers and the nib now plays diminuendo ++++++++++++++++++feeling its way across the page. How loose, how easy the keyboard: a mere touch will elicit surrender and words come – with promiscuous pleasure. But there was something, … Continue reading Arthritis – Ellie Rees

Five O’Clock Shadow – C.R. Smith

The woman’s mouth was moving yet her words made no sense. It had been a long night. My eyes were still adjusting. It was always a shock to walk out into daylight after working underground. The square was deserted as usual; that peaceful time of day before rush hour kicks in. “Sorry, can you run that by me again?” I said. The woman was obviously … Continue reading Five O’Clock Shadow – C.R. Smith