epilogue – Issue Five

And beyond there is a space of darkened clouds that lighten not with lightning strikes where days are reconsidered in such twisted ways to appear so straightened there and free from destructive lie or taunt, beware. Nestle close to The Cabinet, dear, It and the space around breathes clear and pure and true. Embracing you. A break from storms, that scream and whisper, untwisting twisting … Continue reading epilogue – Issue Five

How To Write Well. Or Not. – Mary Thompson

Take magnesium and munch cheese for lucid dreaming. Absorb ‘From Where you Dream’ by Robert Olen Butler. Enter dreamspace. Dreamstorm. Read inspiring material before bed – stuff like Amelia Gray’s freaky story about couple who lock girl in elevator and feed her through hatch, or watch thriller like Rosemary’s Baby – disturbing shit that fucks with your psyche, or see Dystopian Sci-fi like Black Mirror. … Continue reading How To Write Well. Or Not. – Mary Thompson

Retrospective Downer – Dan Brotzel

Great sesh, me old mates. Sweet-talk the fans. Cool pad, Tom. Speaking of Cougars, Julia The old man with cancer The fans and the curious (5% discount) The old man with cancer was pretty cool. Chuck it all in? We’re here for you. Darling No need to worry about briefing the tradespeople! We do feel your pain, darling We all do, darling (5% off) (cancer … Continue reading Retrospective Downer – Dan Brotzel