epilogue – Issue Seven

So everywhere there’s life, It goes. Cryptic properties obnubilated Within the half-blind dovetails, Translating just enough – Not to impose upon imposing beasts Opinions secondhand and ill-fitting.  The reader reads into what is read, The words ever ink and dirt and shrug. For what is The Cabinet in truth? Infinite space Collected. An offer.   Image: comfreak via Pixabay     Advertisements Continue reading epilogue – Issue Seven

The Last Red Cherry – S A Leavesley

Kis pulls the shiniest bauble from the Christmas tree and cups it in her hands. It looks like a see-through planet plucked from her porthole, and, valued at 1000 e-bits, it’s the most expensive decoration on the fake fir. Even before Kis had it priced, she knew this instinctively – this crystal sphere is the only thing she’s ever seen that is filled with clear … Continue reading The Last Red Cherry – S A Leavesley

You’re Very Beautiful – John Holland

“You’re very beautiful,” I say. I do not know whether, by their standards, she is beautiful. She looks surprised. Flustered. Perhaps because I met her only a few seconds ago. Touched her arm at the crowded bar and introduced myself. “Thank you,” she says, and giggles. I can see that she thinks I am beautiful. Handsome, they call it. “I like your eyes,” she says. … Continue reading You’re Very Beautiful – John Holland

Window on the World – Tom Gumbert

Sergey Vasiliev stares out the window, eyes wide. No matter how many times he sees it, it makes his spirit soar. “Really Sergey? It’s not like you haven’t seen a sunrise before. In fact, you see it every ninety-two minutes. That’s like a bajillion since you’ve been on this mission.” Sergey smiles and shrugs his shoulders. He looks back at Kiyoko Watanabe as she pulls … Continue reading Window on the World – Tom Gumbert

A Study in Torment – J L Corbett

Dear reader, I fear my sanity is escaping. The following account is written with intentions of importance, none of which include the provision of entertainment. I urge you, the reader, to heed the foolish actions detailed in these pages, for it seems increasingly likely that you too may one day find yourself in a situation as sinister as mine. It began with an interruption. The … Continue reading A Study in Torment – J L Corbett