Ophelia Interrupted – Kristin Garth

Iambic OCD, first fingers forced, her fealty, 400 year old king, a caustic correspondence with a corpse. Addict from an assignment, 17 — don’t know what any of it means. Quatrains restrain. A couplet is a cage. A box to bind behemoth’s rhythms rage refrain in 14 lines. Insanity kneesocked in British architecture locked. A teen boy-crazed, atop a brook, will not die down or … Continue reading Ophelia Interrupted – Kristin Garth

Effervescence – Ethan Hedman

We share the same beginnings. We were made to contain, and contain we did. Within each of us churned a small ocean of fizzling energy, eagerly awaiting its moment of release. Some of us still hold our saccharine essence. Others are long empty, having forgotten the feeling of a gentle slosh. Here we sit with newfound purpose, disposable no more. We’re something else entirely now. … Continue reading Effervescence – Ethan Hedman