Issue One • Contents

something my mother told me by Linda Crate

Bugbear by Sal Page

How To Find A Husband by Ruth Elwood

The Nocturnal Process by Michael Carroll

October by Rus Khomutoff

Opium by Barbara Lovric

Tragedy by Tara Lynn Hawk

Difficult Problem To Solve by GJ Hart

Two Poems For Wizards by Kayla Bashe

Dalmatian Readings 1984-1989 by Stephanie Hutton

Exhibit by Hugh Odling-Smee

Andrew Anderson by Rob Walton

Memory by Monica Strina

The First Chocolate Rose of Summer by Camillus John

Bus by Edward O’Dwyer

Close By by picklish

The Portrait of a Lady as a Young Man by Patrick Chapman

The Village in the Shadow of K’prut by Steve Campbell

Mobius Strip by Breslin White

The Sitter by Monica Dickson

Dragonfly, hovering by Eilise Norris

Tom’s Bottom Drawer by JY Saville

The Swimmers by Rebecca Williams

The Mother Of All Universes by Gordon Pinckheard

The Magic Robot by Lorraine Carey