Issue Two • Contents


Time: A Treatise by G F Boyer

An Acid Eastern that’s Appropriated Wholesale what’s Perceived as Wildly Western Or Else Time Machine-gun by Ahimaz Rajessh

Her Children by Cath Barton

Sometimes I Smoke by J E Kennedy


Anaconda by Jonel Abellanosa

Red Wine by Jessica Seaborn

Snow in Summer by Ali McGrane

Unction by Jessica Bonder


Finding Eden by Matthew Duggan

Oil by David Cook

The Cult of Weight by Mark Sadler

The Flying Boy by Anita Goveas


One Time by Mia Christina Döring

Bittersweet Symphony by Jeanna Skinner

Rob. Gemma’s Husband? by Dominic Kearney

The Lovely Brides by Cathy Ulrich


When She Sings I See by Peadar O’Donoghue

Animals On A Wire by Chris Milam

Never Not Wrong by Elise Blackwell

The Unraveling by Gaynor Jones


Will You Wait For Me? by Ksenija Perković

Fur Trimmed Slippers Are No Match For Freshly Polished Cills by CR Smith

The Empty Chair by Laura Pearson

A Private Inconvenience Among Fifteen Oak Trees by Alva Holland


Gran’s Biscuit Tin by Gaynor Kane

The Stranger by Drew Sable

They Have Knives, Don’t They? by Christina Dalcher

Antifogmatic by Jamie Graham


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