Issue Three • Contents

Walking in the Orchard by Lucie McKnight Hardy

Hand by Matthew Turner

Wailing Waves by Alva Holland

The Floods by Colette Colfer

Living Without The Other by James Lawless

Cat Lady by A.J. Nicol

Perfect by Elisabeth Alain

My Interview for the People Removal Position by Michael Carter

In Cahoots/Kahoots in Montana by Tom Snarsky

How to Have a Conversation by Pat Foran

The Power of Three by Stella Turner

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Knots and Ropework by Anne Summerfield

On Tuesdays, Erika and Malcolm Go Swinging by Kathy Hoyle

Ellen’s Status by John Grey

The Willow Pattern Plate by Adam Sear

A Little Salt in the Soil by Sarah Wheeler

Who Needs An Invitation by Lori Cramer

How I Became A Star by Sharon Telfer

that’s what love is by linda m. crate

A Picture of Time by Janelle Hardacre

Extremities Or… by Sherri Turner