Issue Five • Contents

Auguries by Sara Chansarkar

He Sensed Future Folly by Jenean McBrearty

I Can’t Explain Anything Anymore by Mary Lynn Reed

Lost Love Found by Alison Lloyd

The Patrician by Joseph S Pete

In Extremis by James Woolf

Exorcisms by Jan Kaneen

Revelation by Kate Whitehead

Magpies in Winter by Jason Jackson

Krasner by Alan Swyer

Water Rooms by Christina Murphy

I’m A Dyslexic Alchemist by Bridgett Kendall

Coyote by Ron. Lavalette

Let me know when you get to the twist by Eilise Norris

Past Performance by Ian Critchley

Adagietto for String Section & Solo Harp by Steven John

Kidnapped! by Anurag Bakhshi

Conveyance by Sheila Scott

Burnt Umber by Amanda Saint

The Slide by Michael Chin

Retrospective Downer by Dan Brotzel

Dilemma of Knowledge by John Walls

How to Write Well. Or Not by Mary Thompson

Parliamentary Statistics by John Holland