Issue Six • Contents

When they come by Sherri Turner

My Future Spools Out Before Me by Michelle Matheson

When Everything Was Too Bright And Loud by Sophie Flynn

Elefante by Salvatore Difalco

June by Jaki McCarrick

Rivers and Lakes, Somewhere by Hannah Gordon

Ice Cream and the Rites of Womanhood by Carrie Danaher Hoyt

A Word to Describe the Sky by Jennifer Falkner

The Yellow-Brick Road by Gary Duncan

message from the storm by Kenneth West

Art Lesson by Theresa Ryder

An Urchin By Any Other Name by Alva Holland

Sheets On The Line by Alicia Bakewell

Writing Poems Called: Lamplight, Keys, I Can See, Message From You, Honesty by Jamie Stedmond

Your Own Appendage by Lizbeth Herbert

Hoosegow and Canoodle by CB Auder

Alvin’s Dancehall – Looking Back by James Woolf

In Exile by Shannon Savvas

Flush the Toilets and Turn Out the Lights by Niles Reddick

Horns in the Hatworks by Matty Bannond

Another Place by CR Smith

Bad Hair Day by Michael Rumney

The Last Supper by William Masters

The Bizarre Case of Klara by Dan Nielsen

In Hiding by Gaynor Jones

The Truth About Red by Hannah Persaud

but he didn’t by linda m crate

She Was a Princess by Laura Pearson

Cover of Darkness by Jayne Martin

Thank You Roger by Rick White

The Rise and Fall of Cinderella’s Left Testicle by Camillus John

Danzig 1661 by Julia Beach

Just Like You And Me by Jacqueline Grima

Food For Thought For A Funeral by Jamie Graham

Come See The Whale by David Hartley

Homemade Lemon Shade by Anna Rymer

All Along The Wonder Wires by Dorothy Rice

Haven by Sophie Reynolds

Polly, The Protector by David Cook

The Verbal Apostate, Unrepentant by Tara Lynn Hawk


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