Issue Eight • Contents

Innumerate by Sherri Turner

Long Guest and a Briefcase by Richard Kemp

Cravings by Abi Hynes

No River To The Sea by Nick Fairclough

Tulips by Matilda Harjunpää

All That Remains by David Hayward

Colony Girls by Tim Goldstone

DX7 by Michael Hurst

Most Stay Close to Home by Voima Oy

Cryptkeepers by Lindsay Tubeworm

Suppose by John Holland

The Doeling by Mitchell Toews

Florida Fauna Suburbia by Annie Frazier

Widowing by Adam Lock

Effervescence by Ethan Hedman

The Isolate by Jay Merill

The Poet’s Revenge by Michael Bloor

George by Vincent JS Wood

Luskentyre by Paula Hunter

In The Toothpaste by Nick Norton

Ophelia Interrupted by Kristin Garth