Issue Nine • Contents

Love Is A Scale by Ray Ball

The First Step by Tomas Marcantonio

Knocking by Bayveen O’Connell

The Skins We Shed by Liz Jones

Road Trip by Clare O’Brien

The Cow And The Dog (a Fable) by Michael Grant Smith

A Kind Of Dance by Cath Barton

Star-Crossed Destiny by Sudha Balagopal

Set by G J Hart

Plant Food by Stella Turner

Same Old Love by Cathal Gunning

The Persistence of Mem(Roy) by Garrett Rowlan

The Writer by Christine A Brooks

The Pickle Jar by Rebecca Field

The Moment Before Drowning by Donna L Greenwood

Circles by Cavin Bryce

At The School Dance by John Grey

Come In With Me by Sal Page

Origami by A J Nicol

even on my worst days by linda m. crate

Returns and Refunds: FAQs by Dan Brotzel




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