The Imprint of Leaves – Liz Xifaras

The trees are talking. Beneath my feet the ground thrums as whispers slither from one to another. No-one knows how they do it. No-one knows how they move. We came here in search of space; sky between branches and the scent of wet earth. Ground that fermented with the movement of insects, creaked with the growing of plants. Rory’s idea. We lay in his sour … Continue reading The Imprint of Leaves – Liz Xifaras

A Final Moment in 1911 – D T Mattingly

The sun vanished long ago. A dim street lamp revealed through our blinds what little solace I found in a world of horror. The gleam bled between every crevice, creating a radiance rippling across the face of my beloved. Light. Dark. And Light again. The same pattern every time, I knew I shouldn’t search too deeply for meaning behind the phenomenon, but it was hard … Continue reading A Final Moment in 1911 – D T Mattingly

In Florida – Ace Boggess

Alligators snap at feet of witless giants. Sandhill cranes swoop in, squawking their staccato poems from the Beat generation. Coral snakes & cottonmouths set up kissing booths at fairs. I’ve seen none of it, though I’ve looked. My stepmother makes vague excuses about the end of mating season, crisp trimmed lawns in a gated community, chance. Where are those cranes? I ask the silent window … Continue reading In Florida – Ace Boggess

Preservation and Restoration Part 2 – Andrew Maguire

I II In the living room of their vast New York City apartment, Simon Wilson and his eighteen-month-old daughter Rose stare at each other. She sits at the foot of his armchair, with two Lego pieces in her hands and tries to mimic his movements. He separates two blocks and puts them together again. ‘You see,’ he says, but she doesn’t. She presses the pieces … Continue reading Preservation and Restoration Part 2 – Andrew Maguire