Ring Around It – Katarina Boudreaux

At the beginning, we were looking for what completed us. At the end, we were sure we had found it. We didn’t realize it would start another time.   KATARINA BOUDREAUX is a New Orleans based author, musician, dancer, and teacher. Her novel “Platform Dwellers” is available from Owl Hollow Press. “Alexithymia” is available from Finishing Line Press and “Anatomy Lessons” from Flutter Press.   … Continue reading Ring Around It – Katarina Boudreaux

Posterity, Here I Come – Mick Bloor

I remember it as a night of joy that zigzagged into a night of dolorous catastrophe. Scott and Zelda and I were drinking in our favourite café in Montmartre. The trouble began when Hemingway arrived. He was already drunk and insisted that we all drink repeated rounds of a murderous cocktail of his own devising, called The One-Legged Irishman. When I demurred, he called me … Continue reading Posterity, Here I Come – Mick Bloor

Dead and Gone – David Cook

He clasped her ghastly, pallid cheeks between his rotting brown fingers, peered into her eyes – or, rather, her one eye and the socket where the other one should have been – and said, ‘Braaaains’. When you only have a single word vocabulary, clear communication relies on inflection and emphasis. Depending on how you say it, ‘braaaains’ can convey a myriad of meanings to zombies, … Continue reading Dead and Gone – David Cook

Preservation and Restoration – Andrew Maguire

For them, the days without rain are the longest. Dry, barren clumps of sapless bark and shrivelled earth stretch out to the graphite horizon; the air around the house is lifeless, the ground flat and overspread by an ashen and sullen sky. A day of it is bearable, but a week is tiresome and now it has been weeks on end. No water tomorrow and … Continue reading Preservation and Restoration – Andrew Maguire