The Imprint of Leaves – Liz Xifaras

The trees are talking. Beneath my feet the ground thrums as whispers slither from one to another. No-one knows how they do it. No-one knows how they move. We came here in search of space; sky between branches and the scent of wet earth. Ground that fermented with the movement of insects, creaked with the growing of plants. Rory’s idea. We lay in his sour … Continue reading The Imprint of Leaves – Liz Xifaras

In Florida – Ace Boggess

Alligators snap at feet of witless giants. Sandhill cranes swoop in, squawking their staccato poems from the Beat generation. Coral snakes & cottonmouths set up kissing booths at fairs. I’ve seen none of it, though I’ve looked. My stepmother makes vague excuses about the end of mating season, crisp trimmed lawns in a gated community, chance. Where are those cranes? I ask the silent window … Continue reading In Florida – Ace Boggess

The Footbridge – Ceinwen E Cariad Haydon

shudders suspended across raucous waters, wildly swinging in the wind. Mother told me, ‘Stay away,’ and as an anxious child, I obeyed. Over years, the iron scaffold rusts, the long ropes fray high above the tidal river’s waves. Would you tread the loose rotten planks to sway across and step out onto grassland beyond? Swimming in skimmed-milk light, its dark arc looms and spans the … Continue reading The Footbridge – Ceinwen E Cariad Haydon

The Box – Linda Walsh

‘My condolences.’ I pocket the priest’s condolence and usher him into the crowded living room. My pockets are full. Full of ‘sorry for your troubles’ and ‘I’m so sorrys’. I find a shoe box, ‘Size 12 Brown Brogue’ and tip the sorrys into it. Placing it on the laden table, I re-join the mourners offering them tea, coffee, whiskey. People circle the coffin whispering. An … Continue reading The Box – Linda Walsh

Unperson – Sudha Srivatsan

Amidst throngs of intense showers A deafening applause Ivory black clouds anneal With their ilk in titanium white Right in time to smother Lingering strands of ochre and crimson The envy of clouds trickling through Downy feathers of an odd sparrow Then gushing viridly in torrents Tessellating the wilderness While bearing down haughty heels Furtive winds, otherwise acerbic Tonight, subtle Foretelling my being Discernibly barren … Continue reading Unperson – Sudha Srivatsan